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Gift Certificates

Buy Now, Dance Later!
Whether you are buying a gift for someone special or taking advantage of a current promo you can easily purchase gift certificates online at the tip of your fingers.


Gift Certificate Packages

$65       Salsa Starter Package  ~ Perfect for Beginner Dancers!   ($70 Value) 4 class pass PLUS One(1) Discounted Friday Party.  1 mth expiration from 1st class date.


$79       Salsa Central Package  ~ Perfect for Salseros!   ($140 Value)
8 class pass PLUS Two(2) FREE Friday Parties!  1 month expiration from 1st class date.


$129       First Timer Promo ~ Perfect for Brand New Dancers    ($150 Value)

One individual private Salsa session with either Reena or Abel Reyes PLUS 4 group class card and 1 practice party admission. 50 minute private session, 6 month expiration from purchase date.


$139     Date Nights Package ~ Perfect for Couples   ($150 Value)    

Three 30 minute private Salsa lessons for couples to spend quality time learning and dancing Salsa. 6 month expiration from purchase date.


$229     Bucket List Package ~ Perfect for a 2016 New Year's Resolution ($250 Value)

Two individual private Salsa sessions with either Reena or Abel Reyes PLUS 8 group class card. 50 minute private sessions, 6 month expiration from purchase date. 


$399      30 Day Salsa Now Package~ Dance Salsa in just 30 days! ($514 Value)
Seven individual private Salsa sessions with either Reena or Abel Reyes PLUS Free Groups and Parties for the month. 50 minute private sessions, 30 day expiration from first private session.

Instructions: Simply contact us at or fill out the form below to determine the amount desired that you would like to purchase. Based on your payment option, we will provide you with a receipt or electronic invoice and a confirmation code. Right click on the image, print it, and fill out the information, wrap it up and watch them smile!  (Gift Certificates have an expiration date of 3 months for any purchases under $50 and 6 months for purchases $50 and up)



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