The Salsa Center Dance Studio offers group classes and private instruction in Latin Dances. Professional Instructors devoted to teaching students of all levels. We offer a comfortable learning environment for Latin Social Dancing. Cuban/Colombian owned Dance Studio.

Our Staff

Reena C. Reyes
Amanda Ussery Houtz

Founder & Director.  Master Instructor, Choreographer, Artistic Director

Beginner Salsa Instructor

About Reena:
Half Filipino, half Colombian and born in Kentucky!

Reena’s passion for dance started many years ago as a child.  She attributes her journey to her environment and her blood. She learned to appreciate music and dance from her family.  Reena has a mother who was a passionate ballerina, an uncle who was a dancer/impersonator and a grandmother who was and still is a professional singer & pianist. Reena was first introduced to formal dance training in classical ballet which gave her the basis for the movement, structure, and discipline useful for teaching and in creating her own syllabus. Over the years, she explored other styles of dance including Hip Hop, African Dance, and Latin Ballroom, but she always loved the authentic Latin Dances the most. Having a father from Cali, Colombia, a country recognized today as "The World Capital of Salsa", it was destined for Reena to own a Latin dance studio.  Reena took many months of training as a Latin Ballroom Instructor which ultimately paved the way for her own unique style of teaching. In 2009, she opened The Dance Place, along with her friend and colleague, Mark Jeffers.  The studio provided a centralized place of dance and focused on promoting culture and dance of the Latin Ballroom and more. This seed later flourished into a home of the more specialized Latin Dances, past the ballroom.  After meeting her Cuban husband shortly after opening The Dance Place, a new stage and direction was soon arising. Thus came The Salsa Center Dance Studio; A Latin Dance Studio specializing in the Latin Dances, many of which are Cuban and the original Latin dances.

About Amanda:

Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, Amanda earned her BA at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where she majored in Spanish and Minored in Education. During her studies in the summer of 2010, she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she encountered and fell in love with the Argentine Tango. This was her first taste of partner dancing and she soon became addicted. Short of cheerleading in high school, Amanda had no prior experience with the many different genres of dance.  In the fall of 2013, she then traveled to Cusco, Peru to work as a volunteer in an orphanage teaching English. It was there she took her first group lesson in Salsa. The style was completely different from Tango and captivated her. After four months in Peru, Amanda returned home and started a family. The overwhelming newness and duties of a stay at home Mom had her soon searching for a Mommy outlet. The good old Internet led her to The Salsa Center where she was introduced to Cuban style Salsa. Starting from the beginner level and advancing up through several levels of The Salsa Center’s curriculum she then found herself heading towards a completely different passion, Teaching Dance!

In the winter of 2018, Amanda started studying under Master Instructor Reena Cobo Reyes to become a Salsa Instructor. She always knew she was meant to be a teacher she just thought it was going to be teaching Spanish. Her love for teaching and her passion for the dance are the perfect combination. She hopes to inspire and continue to grow with each of her students as her story is the ultimate testament that it is never too late to learn something new and pursue the things you love.

Abel Reyes

Founder & Director. Master Instructor

About Abel Reyes:

Hometown: Cuba

Born and raised in a place where Salsa was part of the daily life, Abel teamed up with Reena, his wife and created The Salsa Center, a place to rediscover the passion and love of Salsa. It was only natural to introduce the traditional Cuban dances in the program and show how it developed into today's Salsa. Abel shares his salsa knowledge, style and passion with the Salsa community of Central Kentucky. Abel's style of leading and dancing is smooth, yet adventurous.  Many dancers continue to learn and feel the true essence of Cuban style Salsa through his teaching.

The Salsa Center

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